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The San Francisco Astrological Society (SFAS) provides an affordable monthly forum for people interested in astrology to gather and explore this ancient language. We welcome any person, from lay person to professional astrologer, who wants to delve deeper into the significance of the stars and planets on earthly life. Our guest presenters include many excellent Bay Area astrologers, both from within and without the Society, and also some of the leading astrologers from all over North America and England, providing an arena for the development and distribution of ideas and techniques in the field of astrology.

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Margaret GrayApril 24


Margaret Gray


Understanding and Transforming Compulsive and Addictive Relationship Patterns

There are few of us who have not experienced a compulsive or addictive relationship pattern in our lifetime. Understanding the key astrological, mythological and psychological features of these relationship patterns, enables us to choose new life enhancing ways of living out the powerful planetary archetypes at their core. Join me this evening as we explore the key astrological features of these archetypal energies.

Bio: Margaret Gray B.A. ESS (TCD), MSW, D. Psych. Astrology
Margaret offers Psychological Astrologer consultations, courses and workshops in Hawaii, Ireland, and the US mainland. Having trained at the CPA London with Liz Greene, she was the first to bring CPA courses to the USA with a colleague. Margaret also teaches online with IAA and Kepler College and has recently designed a two year Certified course in Psychological Astrology for IAA. Margaret has published astrology articles in the UK AA Journal, NCGR journal, Positive Life and Network Ireland Magazines, the Wellness Journal and Inspiration Magazine as well as in several Psychotherapy publications. She is the author of a chapter on Relationships in the book ‘Transpersonal Astrology’. Margaret has been a speaker at astrology conferences including ISAR, NORWAC and the UK Astrological Association. She is also a Reiki master practitioner and is undergoing past life regression training with Dr Brian Weiss

Become a member for only $35 a year! For details and directions see Membership Information.

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Meetings start promptly at 7:30 p.m.
Meeting location: The Women's Building 3543 18th St., San Francisco, CA, 94110

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