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At the bottom of each page you will see Social Network “share” buttons. You can share to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Riddit, or email the link to the page to a friend. 

To Join Us On Social Networks: 

Subscribe to our Facebook Group  to join in astrological discussions

“Like” our Facebook Page  and get daily posts featuring astrologer’s articles, blog posts, podcasts, and YouTube videos

Follow us on Twitter @AstrologySocSF  where you get daily forecasts and links to articles and blogs of astrologers around the world.

Subscribe to the YouTube for SFAS  for short interviews with the SFAS speakers. 

Subscribe to Flickr for SFAS   Photos from our meetings and special events. Check it out!

Join us at our Meet-Up page. Where you can get notifications of meetings and special events

Each is a way you can leave feedback on our events, ask other members any questions you may have about astrology, offer any ideas for discussion, suggest future events, and get more involved in the astrological community.

CARPOOLING  Progress your transit!  With members coming in from all over the SF Bay Area, we encourage carpooling.  Join our Facebook Group, where you can offer or ask for a ride, or otherwise connect with members between meetings!



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