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Lynn Bell ~ Seminar

Following the Path or Falling Off It?


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One of the great tasks for each of us is to find a way to emerge into the world.  It’s an extraordinary feeling to find a path where doors open and resistance falls away.  We can be moved into life by vivid goals, imagined riches, brilliant visions of success; others may pay more attention to the quiet instructions of the inner voice.  If we are lucky these two guidance systems cooperate – if we are not there is a war between the desire of the spirit and the needs of the soul.  We also know fairly soon when we’ve taken the wrong direction, or stayed too long, as signals resonate through body and psyche, things get tight or dull, and the grind takes over.  Inner conflict on the path, a deaf ear to the inner guide makes it much more likely to lose our way.  Saturn’s passage in Sagittarius asks us to verify the guide ropes, the meaning in what we do.  Without a connection to our inner voice, it is easy to fall off the path or to lose our motivation. 

Even when we have found the right direction in life, our trajectory can feel so intensely pressured, that other parts of the spirit are narrowed.  Those who have chosen to path break can touch into freedom and joy, but they can also feel lost and spun out to one side.  As Saturn passes through Sagittarius, it is time to evaluate our system of guidance.  Do we follow a path of law and rule bounded by vows and ethics?  a path of expansion and exuberance?  The middle path often sounds bland, passionless, and yet it has something to offer.  As Jupiter moves through Libra, it calls us to shuttle between the energies of openness and restriction, to weave a middle way for ourselves.  Whether we speak of the Tao, or the Dharma, or the middle pillar of the Tree of Life, many esoteric traditions address this space between.  Whether we picture success and aim for it, or listen inwardly for guidance, it is time to create a dialogue between the inner and outer guide.

The midheaven and the IC speak to these issues in a particularly personal way.  We will explore their ruling planets and the way they may subtly get distorted.  With the Sun, brilliance can harden into pride; with the Moon a capacity to dream may founder in reverie and inaction.  The strength of Mars may turn into dominance; the charm of Venus can give merely pretty promises.  Jupiter can exaggerate accomplishments, while Saturn doubles down into overwork and control.  How do we bring each of these energies back to center?  We will see how the current placements of Jupiter and Saturn challenge our direction, our commitment and our ethos.  Bring your charts for personal exploration.

Lynn Bell  is a Paris-based astrologer whose work spans multiple cultures as a speaker, teacher, author and consultant in astrology. As a master consulting astrologer with a multi-layered approach, Lynn’s work combines psychological and spiritual perspectives. Lynn has been a featured speaker at many of  the major astrology conferences in the world: UAC, ISAR, the World Congress in Switzerland and the FAA in Australia, as well as many others. She teaches for The Faculty of Astrological Studies Summer school in Oxford, the LSA and the CPA, and she continues to consult from her home in Paris. Her book on planetary patterns in families,  Planetary Threads, was first published in 1998. Her expertise in Solar Returns resulted in publishing  Cycles of Light  in 2005.  She is also one of the co-authors of the  Mars Quartet, and numerous journal and magazine articles. 

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