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General Meeting Info

SFAS invites you to join us on the last Thursday of the month for a lively astrological presentation, discussion and excellent company.

Meetings start promptly at 7:30 p.m.
Meeting location: The Women's Building 3543 18th St., San Francisco, CA, 94110

(In November and December, to accomodate the holidays - and when there are special events at The Women's Building - meetings may be earlier in the month, but still always on Thursdays.)

New to Astrology

Read about the various types of astrology and how different techniques are used for a variety of situations and circumstances on the New to Astrology page.

Past Lectures

SFAS Speakers and Presentations 2002 through 2013


January 31 Nina Gryphon Financial & Stock Trends

February 28 Jessica Garfield-Kabbara Exploring the Astrological Spectrum: Light and Shadow of Planetary Combinations

March 28  Nick Dagan Best "What's Up, Uranus?": Following the Yellow Brick Tropical Zodiac

April 25 Jessica Lanyadoo Exploring Pre-Natal Conditions in the Chart

May 30 Noel Tyl Moon Magic in Therapy

June 27 Greg Bogart Simplified Daily Horary

July 25 Kathy Watts A Personal Alamanac

August 29  Doug Noblehorse Exploring the Lot of Fortune

September 26 Jessica Murray 2013: Midway Through the Cardinal Cross

October 31 Armand Diaz Fate, Free Will, and Prediction

November 21 Joni Patry Astrology of Happiness: In-depth look at the 4th house

December 28 Komilla Sutton, Steve Pincus & Georgia Stathis

Jan. 26: Andrea Gehrz
Psychic Ability and the Chart
Feb. 23: Matthew Stelzner The Man Who Killed Pluto
March 29: Cathy Coleman Making the Most of the Moon
April 26: Peter Burns from Australia Planetary Hours
April 28 -- Saturday Peter Burns Full-day Workshop 10 AM to 4:30 PM
Interpreting the Fixed Stars in Your Horoscope
May 31: Elliot Tanzer The Mutable Signs - The Four Healers of the Zodiac
June 23:(Saturday) -- 20th Anniversary Party!! Featuring Rick Tarnas "Comic Genius"
7-10 PM, including wine and cheese reception
July 26: April Eliot Kent Using Your Birth Chart to Market Yourself
August 30: Deborah Smith Parker Pluto and the US Chart: Shifting Power Relationships
September 27: Kay Taylor Dark Truth: Sexual Abuse and Wounding in the Chart
October 25: Terry Lamb Mastering Time: Using Astrology in the Light of the I Ching
November 29: Joyce Mason Chiron and Vocation
December 27: 2013 and Beyond December Panel
Elizabeth Barton and Eric Meece, who followed up with pictures, charts, and diagrams with a long video on YouTube

Jan. 27: Paul Bogle: Astrology in Plain English: Liberating the Power of Astrological Language
Feb.24: Dorothy Oja: Compatibility and Conflict - Chart Comparison
March 31: James Kelleher: Nakshatras: The Lunar Mansions
April 28: Loda Shaw: The Cycle of Saturn
May 26: Nina Gryphon: Interpreting Dreams with Horary Astrology
June 30: Jack Fertig: Sexual Diversity in the Horoscope
July 28: Chris Renstrom: The Modern Planets: How They Came to Be
Aug. 25: Don Cerow: The Age of Gemini
Sept. 22: Sue Tompkins: How to Interpret Aspect Patterns
Sept. 24 -- All-day Workshop: Sue Tompkins: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about...Chart Interpretation
Oct. 27: Georgia Stathis: Future Trends Using Synodic Cycles
Nov. 17: Chris Brennan: Uranus-Neptune and Astrology
Dec. 29: Duncan Nanney, Jessica Murray, Linea Vanhorn: 2012 and Beyond -- Panel Discussion

Jan. 28: Joseph Crane: Harmonics and Aspects, Ancient and Modern
Feb. 7: June Crane: The Evolving Mandala of Planetary Cycles: A Workshop In Predictive Techniques
Feb. 25: Joyce Van Horn: What to do when Progressed Mercury Changes Signs or Houses, Turns Retrograde or Goes Direct
March 25: Jessica Murray: The dark God meets the great awakener. The cardinal cross assembles.
April 29: Cathy Coleman: The Transformative Power of Pluto
May 27: Claudia Bader: Astrology, Art, and the Chart
June 24: Greg Bogart: Better than Prozac: Astrology and Mental Health
July 29: Jessica Shepherd: Love Alchemy – Use the Magic of Astrology to draw your true love to you.
Aug. 26: Jamie Kahl: Pallas Athene – Ball Buster or Daddy’s little girl?
Sept. 30: Terry Lamb: Awakening your Soul’s Plan
Oct. 28: Duncan Nanney: Crosses to bear: The Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable.
Nov. 18: Dana Gerhardt: Meeting the Planets with a Magical Mind
Nov. 20: Dana Gerhardt: Venus Retrograde: Desire, Seduction, and Mastery
Dec. 16: David Crook, Jack Fertig, and Dorothy Kovach: 2011 and Beyond: Panel Discussion

Jan. 29: Dale O'Brien: Liberating Soul Images - Dream Tending in the Era of Uranus in Pisces
Feb.26: James Kelleher: “Nimitta:” Omens in Vedic Astrology
Mar. 26: Jodie Forrest: The Ascendant -- Your Entry Vehicle
April 30: Daniel Giamario: Introduction to Shamanic Astrology
May 3: Daniel Giamario Workshop: Partnership, Relationship and the Sacred Marriage
May 28: A. T. Mann: Astrology and the Art of Healing
June 25: Don Cerow: Astrology and the Book of Revelations
July 30: Stephen Suzman: Asteroids Anecdotes
Aug. 27: David Kesten: Field of Dreams
Sept. 26: no meeting
Oct. 29: Dorothy Kovach: Finding the Hidden Treasure of Astrology: The Part of Fortune
Nov. 19: Second Annual Astro-Faire
Dec. 17: Jack Fertig, Linea Van Horn, and Dorothy Kovach: 2010 and Beyond: Panel Discussion

Jan. 31: Clare Martin and Elizabeth Barton: Outer Planet Transits
Feb. 28: Greg Bogart: Hands-On Progressions
Mar. 27: Richard Tarnas: Cosmos & Psyche
April 24: Andrea Mallis: Sports & Astrology
May 29: Jessica Lanyadoo: Body Health in Astrology
June 26: Ralfee finn: Astrology & World Religions
July 31: Zane Stein: Chiron
Aug. 28: Deborah Houlding: The Healing Power of Horary
Aug. 30: Deborah Houlding: Horary Workshop
Sept. 25: Terry Lamb: Decode Your Astrological DNA
Oct. 30: Linda Rose: Moon signs in Children
Nov. 20: Astro-Bazaar and short presentations: Naya Adams, Elizabeth Hansen
Dec. 18: 2009 and Beyond: Panel Discussion: Jessica Murray, Jonathan Pearl, & Jack Fertig

Jan. 25: Jonathan Pearl: Astrology and Odysseus
Feb 22: June Crane: Astrology, Local Space, and Feng Shui
Mar. 29: Jessica Murray: Kill Your TV: Mercury, Pluto in USA chart
April 26: Nina Gryphon: Wealth in the Horoscope
May 31: Georgia Stathis: M.A.: Rulerships and How to Use Them
June 28: Gerald Baron: Dirt, Jell-O, Windy & Hot Signs: Experience the Elements
July 26:  Ray Couture: Empowerment Astrology
Aug. 30: SFAS 15th Birthday party, more info TBA
Sept. 27: Nicki Michaels: Astro-Preneur: Do You Have What it Takes to Create a Successful Astrology Practice?
Oct. 25: Gaye Nelson: Astrology to Go: Fine-Tune Your Timing
Nov. 29: Don Cerow: Stars, Myths, and Dragons
Dec 27: Jack Fertig: 2008 Forecast

Jan. 26: Elizabeth Selandia: Gavin Arthur, SF''s Famous Astrologer in 1950-70s
Feb. 23: Bring a Friend! Rising Signs                                    
Mar. 30: Jonathan Pearl: The Astrological Temperaments
April 27: Antero Ali: Outer Planet Transits
May 25: Jessica Lanyadoo: Astrology and Whole Health
June 29: Komilla Sutton: The Alchemy of Love
July 27: Bill Streett: Cultural Implications of Saturn and Neptune
Aug. 31: Glenn Perry, PhD: Ancient to Post-Modern Astrology: A New Synthesis 
Sep. 28: Janet Bowman Johnson: Finding Your Career with Astrology
Oct. 26: Duncan Nanney: Pluto and the Scorpionic Abyss
Nov. 30: David Kesten: Predictions for 2007
Dec. 28: Kathy Watts and Linea Van Horn: Urban Naked Eye Astronomy

Jan. 27: David Kesten: Astrology and the Sefer Yetzirah
Feb 24: Duncan Nanney: I Need My Space:  Local Space Astrology
March 31: Jessica Murray: America's Money Karma
April 28: Greg Bogart, PhD.: Outer Planet Transits: Agents of Change
May 26: Ruhama Veltfort: Planetary Breaths and Walks
June 30: Gerald Baron: Destiny Versus Fate
July 28: Jack Fertig: Astrology in Art
Aug 25: Kathy Watts: The Moon
Sept 29: Emily Baumbach: The Michael Teachings and Astrology
Oct 27: Elizabeth Barton: Astrology and Magick
Nov 17: Spencer John: Forecast for 2006
Dec 29: Linea Van Horn: The Galactic Embrace

Jan. 29: Jonathan Pearl: Firdaria: Traditional Astrological Timing Technique          
Feb. 26: Rio Olesky: Relationship Needs and Behavioral Patterns
Mar. 25: Hank Friedman: A Deeper Understanding of the Nodes Through Eastern Astrology
April 29: Stephen Poplin, M.A.: The Chart of the United States
May 27: Moses Siregar: Compassion and the Problem of Astrological Prejudice
June 24: Bonnie Waters: Astrology, Color, and Sound Therapy
July 29: Dorothy J. Kovach: Traditional Astrology
Aug. 26: Hannibal: Astrology and The Biblical End Times
Sept. 30: Georgia Stathis: Eclipses
Oct. 28: Joyce Van Horn: Beyond Astrological Symbols
Nov. 18: David Crook: The Astrology of 2005
Dec. 30: Tinker Greene   The Moment of Astrology : review & discussion of Cornelius's book


Jan. 30: Dorothy Kovach: Traditional Horary Astrology
Feb 27: Linea Van Horn: Basics of Mundane Astrology
March 27: Janet Bowman Johnson: Astrological Forecasting Techniques
April 24: Joyce Van Horn: Evolutionary Astrology
May 29: Cathy Coleman, Laurel Sanford: Healing Through Ast. Consultations
June 26: Duncan Nanney: Pluto: The Last Card to Play
July 31: Vishishta: The Magic of Numbers
Aug. 28: Glenn Perry, Phd: Four Grammatical Rules for Planets in Signs
Sept 25: Hank Friedman: The Art of Chart Synthesis


Jan. 28: David Kesten: Astrology in the Year 2002
Feb. 28: Greg Bogart: Progressions (bring your ephemeris!)
March 28: Tricia Nickel: Aries: the Power of Identity
April 25: Buryl Payne, Phd.: Solar Astrology: Magnetic Interactions
May 30: Stephanie Austin: Working with Transits in Challenging Times
June 27: Vishishta: Lunar Nodes
July 25: Kathy Watts: Desperately Seeking Mercury (visually)
August 29: Rick Amaro,  Phd.: Astrology and Intentionality
Sept. 26: SFAS  10th Birthday Party!  Location TBA
*Oct. 24: Ruhama Veltfort: Some Thoughts on Interpretation
*Nov. 21: David Crook: Astrocartography
Dec. 26: Linea Van Horn: Standstill Cycle of the Moon

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