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Jan 31:   Nina Gryphon:   Financial & Stock Trends

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Feb 28:    Jessica Garfield-Kabbara:   Exploring the Astrological Spectrum: Light & Shadow of Planetary Combinations

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Mar 28:   Nick Dagan Best:   “What’s Up, Uranus?”– Following the Yellow Brick Tropical Zodiac

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Apr 25:    Jessica Lanyadoo:   Exploring Pre-Natal Conditions in the Chart

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May 30:   Noel Tyl:   Moon Magic in Therapy

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Jun 27     Greg Bogart, PhD:   Simplified Daily Horary

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Jul 25:     Kathy Watts:   A Personal Alamanac

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Aug 29:   Doug Noblehorse:    Exploring the Lot of Fortune

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Sep 26:   Jessica Murray:   2013: Midway Through the Cardinal Cross

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Oct 31:    Armand Diaz:   Fate, Free Will, & Prediction

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Nov 21:   Joni Patry:   Astrology of Happiness: In-depth Look at the 4th house

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Dec 28:   Komilla Sutton, Steve Pincus & Georgia Stathis:   2014 & Beyond: 1/2 day workshop

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Jan 26:   Andrea Gehrz:   Psychic Ability and the Chart

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Feb 23:   Matthew Stelzner:   The Man Who Killed Pluto

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Mar 29:   Cathy Coleman, PhD:   Making the Most of the Moon

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Apr 26:    Peter Burns (from Australia):   Planetary Hours

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Apr 28:    Peter Burns:   Full-day Workshop – Interpreting the Fixed Stars in Your Horoscope

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May 31:    Elliot Tanzer:   The Mutable Signs – The Four Healers of the Zodiac

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Jun 23:    20th Anniversary Party!!  Featuring Rick Tarnas:   “Comic Genius”

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Jul 26:     April Eliot Kent:   Using Your Birth Chart to Market Yourself

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Aug 30:   Deborah Smith Parker:   Pluto and the US Chart: Shifting Power Relationships

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Sep 27:    Kay Taylor:   Dark Truth: Sexual Abuse and Wounding in the Chart

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Oct 25:    Terry Lamb:    Mastering Time: Using Astrology in the Light of the I Ching

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Nov 29:   Joyce Mason:   Chiron and Vocation

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Dec 27:    Elizabeth Barton and Eric Meece:   2013 & Beyond Panel ––who followed up with pictures, charts, and diagrams with a long video on YouTube:

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Jan 27:   Paul Bogle:   Astrology in Plain English: Liberating the Power of Astrological Language

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Feb 24:   Dorothy Oja:   Compatibility and Conflict – Chart Comparison

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Mar 31:   James Kelleher:   Nakshatras: The Lunar Mansions

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Apr 28:   Loda Shaw:   The Cycle of Saturn

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May 26:  Nina Gryphon:   Interpreting Dreams with Horary Astrology

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Jun 30:   Jack Fertig:   Sexual Diversity in the Horoscope

Our Dear Jack is deceased and MUCH MISSED!!

Jul 28:    Christopher Renstrom:  The Modern Planets: How They Came to Be

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Aug 25:   Don Cerow:   The Age of Gemini

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Sep 22:    Sue Tompkins:   How to Interpret Aspect Patterns

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Sep 24     Sue Tompkins:   Workshop: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Chart Interpretation

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Oct 27:    Georgia Stathis:   Future Trends Using Synodic Cycles

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Nov 17:    Chris Brennan:   Uranus-Neptune and Astrology

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Dec 29:    Duncan Nanney, Jessica Murray, & Linea Van horn:   2012 & Beyond – Panel Discussion

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Jan 28:   Joseph Crane:   Harmonics and Aspects, Ancient and Modern

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Feb 7:     June Crane:   The Evolving Mandala of Planetary Cycles: A Workshop In Predictive Techniques

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Feb 25:   Joyce Van Horn:   What to do when Progressed Mercury Changes Signs or Houses, Turns Retrograde or Goes Direct

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Mar 25:   Jessica Murray:   The dark God meets the great Awakener. The cardinal cross assembles.

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Apr 29:    Cathy Coleman:   The Transformative Power of Pluto

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May 27:   Claudia Bader:   Astrology, Art, and the Chart

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Jun 24:    Greg Bogart, PhD:   Better than Prozac: Astrology and Mental Health

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Jul 29:     Jessica Shepherd:   Love Alchemy–Use the Magic of Astrology to draw your true love to you.

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Aug 26:    Jamie Kahl:   Pallas Athene–Ball Buster or Daddy’s little girl?

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Sep 30:    Terry Lamb:   Awakening your Soul’s Plan

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Oct 28:    Duncan Nanney:   Crosses to bear: The Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable.

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Nov 18:    Dana Gerhardt:   Meeting the Planets with a Magical Mind

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Nov 20:    Dana Gerhardt:   Venus Retrograde: Desire, Seduction, and Mastery

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Dec 16:     David Crook, Jack Fertig, & Dorothy Kovach:   2011 & Beyond: Panel Discussion

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Our Dear Jack is deceased and MUCH MISSED!!


Jan 29:    Dale O’Brien:   Liberating Soul Images–Dream Tending in the Era of Uranus in Pisces

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Feb 26:    James Kelleher:   Nimitta: Omens in Vedic Astrology

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Mar 26:   Jodie Forrest:   The Ascendant — Your Entry Vehicle

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Apr 30:    Daniel Giamario:   Introduction to Shamanic Astrology

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May 3:      Daniel Giamario Workshop:  Partnership, Relationship and the Sacred Marriage

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May 28:    A. T. Mann:   Astrology and the Art of Healing

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Jun 25:     Don Cerow:   Astrology and the Book of Revelations

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Jul 30:      Stephen Suzman:   Asteroids Anecdotes

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Aug 27:     David Kesten:   Field of Dreams

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Sep 26:     no meeting

Oct 29:     Dorothy Kovach:   Finding the Hidden Treasure of Astrology: The Part of Fortune

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Nov 19:     Second Annual Astro-Faire

Dec 17:      Jack Fertig, Linea Van Horn, & Dorothy Kovach:  2010 & Beyond: Panel Discussion

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Our Dear Jack is deceased and MUCH MISSED!!


Jan 31:    Clare Martin & Elizabeth Barton:   Outer Planet Transits

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Feb 28:   Greg Bogart, PhD:   Hands-On Progressions

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Mar 27:   Richard Tarnas:   Cosmos & Psyche, book published 2006

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Apr 24:    Andrea Mallis:   Sports & Astrology

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May 29:   Jessica Lanyadoo:   Body Health in Astrology

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Jun 26:    Ralfee Finn:   Astrology & World Religions

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Jul 31:      Zane Stein:   Chiron

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Aug 28:    Deborah Houlding:   The Healing Power of Horary

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Aug 30:    Deborah Houlding:   Horary All-Day Workshop

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Sep 25:     Terry Lamb:   Decode Your Astrological DNA

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Oct 30:     Linda Rose:   Moon signs in Children

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Nov 20:    Astro-Bazaar & short talks:   Naya Adams, Elizabeth Hansen

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Dec 18:     Jessica Murray, Jonathan Pearl, & Jack Fertig:    2009 & Beyond: Panel Discussion

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Our Dear Jack is deceased and MUCH MISSED!!



Jan 25:    Jonathan Pearl:   Astrology and Odysseus

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Feb 22:    June Crane:   Astrology, Local Space, and Feng Shui

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Mar 29:   Jessica Murray:   Kill Your TV: Mercury, Pluto in USA chart

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Apr 26:    Nina Gryphon:   Wealth in the Horoscope

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May 31:   Georgia Stathis, M.A.:   Rulerships and How to Use Them

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Jun 28:    Gerald Baron:   Dirt, Jell-O, Windy & Hot Signs: Experience the Elements

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Jul 26:     Ray Couture:   Empowerment Astrology

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Aug 30:   SFAS 15th Anniversary Birthday party

Sep. 27:   Nicki Michaels:   Astro-Preneur: Do You Have What it Takes to Create a Successful Astrology Practice?

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Oct 25:    Gaye Nelson:  Astrology to Go: Fine-Tune Your Timing

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Nov 29:   Don Cerow:   Stars, Myths, and Dragons

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Dec 27:    Jack Fertig:   2008 Forecast

Our Dear Jack is deceased and MUCH MISSED!!


Jan 26:    Elizabeth Selandia:  Gavin Arthur, SF”s Famous Astrologer 1950-70s

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Feb 23:    Bring a Friend! Rising Signs

Mar 30:   Jonathan Pearl:  The Astrological Temperaments

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Apr 27:    Antero Ali:  Outer Planet Transits

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May 25:   Jessica Lanyadoo:   Astrology and Whole Health

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Jun 29:   Komilla Sutton:   The Alchemy of Love

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Jul 27:    Bill Streett:   Cultural Implications of Saturn and Neptune

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Aug 31:   Glenn Perry, PhD:  Ancient to Post-Modern Astrology: A New Synthesis

Find Glenn Perry, PhD :

Sep 28:   Janet Bowman Johnson:  Finding Your Career with Astrology

Find Janet Bowman Johnson :  ?

Oct 26:    Duncan Nanney:   Pluto and the Scorpionic Abyss

Find Duncan Nanney : / 408-321-8776

Nov 30:  David Kesten:   Predictions for 2007

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Dec 28:   Kathy Watts & Linea Van Horn:   Urban Naked Eye Astronomy

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Jan 27:   David Kesten:  Astrology and the Sefer Yetzirah

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Feb 24:   Duncan Nanney:  I Need My Space: Local Space Astrology

Find Duncan Nanney : / 408-321-8776

Mar 31:   Jessica Murray:  America’s Money Karma

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Apr 28:   Greg Bogart, PhD.:  Outer Planet Transits: Agents of Change

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May 26:  Ruhama Veltfort:  Planetary Breaths and Walks

Find Ruhama Veltfort :  ?

Jun 30:   Gerald Baron:  Destiny Versus Fate

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Jul 28:    Jack Fertig:  Astrology in Art

Our Dear Jack is deceased and MUCH MISSED!!

Aug 25:   Kathy Watts:  The Moon

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Sep 29:   Emily Baumbach:  The Michael Teachings and Astrology

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Oct 27:    Elizabeth Barton:  Astrology and Magick

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Nov 17:    Spencer John:  Forecast for 2006

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Dec 29:   Linea Van Horn:  The Galactic Embrace

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Jan 29:    Jonathan Pearl:  Firdaria: Traditional Astrological Timing Technique

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Feb 26:    Rio Olesky:  Relationship Needs and Behavioral Patterns

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Mar 25:   Hank Friedman:  A Deeper Understanding of the Nodes Through Eastern Astrology

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Apr 29:    Stephen Poplin, M.A.:  The Chart of the United States

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May 27:   Moses Siregar:  Compassion and the Problem of Astrological Prejudice

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Jun 24:    Bonnie Waters:  Astrology, Color, and Sound Therapy

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Jul 29:     Dorothy J. Kovach:  Traditional Astrology

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Aug 26:    Don Cerow:  Hannibal: Astrology and The Biblical End Times

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Sep 30:    Georgia Stathis, M.A.:   Eclipses

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Oct 28:     Joyce Van Horn:  Beyond Astrological Symbols

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Nov 18:    David Crook:  The Astrology of 2005

Find David Crook :   wwwstellarinsights

Dec 30:    Tinker Greene:   The Moment of Astrology: review & discussion of Cornelius’s book

Find Tinker Greene :



Jan 30:   Dorothy Kovach:   Traditional Horary Astrology

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Feb 27:    Linea Van Horn:   Basics of Mundane Astrology

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Mar 27:   Janet Bowman Johnson:   Astrological Forecasting Techniques

Find Janet Bowman Johnson :  ?

Apr 24:   Joyce Van Horn:   Evolutionary Astrology

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May 29:  Cathy Coleman, Laurel Sanford:   Healing Through Astrological Consultations

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Find Laurel Sanford :

Jun 26:   Duncan Nanney:    Pluto: The Last Card to Play

Find Duncan Nanney : / 408-321-8776

Jul 31:     Vishisht Ji:   The Magic of Numbers

Find Vishisht Ji :

Aug 28:   Glenn Perry, PhD:   Four Grammatical Rules for Planets in Signs

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Sep 25:    Hank Friedman:   The Art of Chart Synthesis

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Jan 28:   David Kesten:   Astrology in the Year 2002

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Feb 28:   Greg Bogart, PhD:   Progressions (bring your ephemeris!)

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Mar 28:  Tricia Nickel:   Aries: the Power of Identity

Find Tricia Nickel :

Apr 25:   Buryl Payne, PhD.:   Solar Astrology: Magnetic Interactions

Find Buryl Payne, PhD :

May 30:  Stephanie Austin:   Working with Transits in Challenging Times

Find Stephanie Austin :

Jun 27:   Vishisht Ji:   Lunar Nodes

Find Vishisht Ji :

Jul 25:    Kathy Watts:   Desperately Seeking Mercury (visually)

Find Kathy Watts :

Aug 29:   Rick Amaro, PhD:   Astrology and Intentionality

Find Rick Amaro :   ? 

Sep 26:   SFAS: 10th Birthday Party!

Oct 24:   Ruhama Veltfort:   Some Thoughts on Interpretation

Find Ruhama Veltfort :  ?

No. 21:    David Crook:   Astro*cartography

Find David Crook :   wwwstellarinsights

Dec 26:   Linea Van Horn:   Standstill Cycle of the Moon

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