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Events & Speakers 2013

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    January 31

    Nina Gryphon

    Financial & Stock Trends

    February 28

    Jessica Garfield-Kabbara

    Exploring the Astrological Spectrum: Light and Shadow of Planetary Combinations

    March 16

    10 am - 8 pm
    First Unitarian Church, 1187 Franklin at Geary, SF
    Co-sponsored with Bay Area NCGR Chapter

    Keynote Speaker:

    Lynn Bell

    also featuring

    Christopher Renstrom

    Antero Alli

    Austin Coppock

    Judith Hill




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    March 17
    10:30 thru 5 PM

    Full Day Workshop

    Lynn Bell

    Family Patterns of Light and Shadow 


    March 28

    Nick Dagan Best

    "What's Up, Uranus?": Following the Yellow Brick Tropical Zodiac

    April 25

    Jessica Lanyadoo

    Exploring Pre-Natal Conditions in the Chart

    May 30

    Noel Tyl

    Moon Magic in Therapy

    June 1

    Noel Tyl

    Full Day Workshop
    9:30am to 5:00pm
    Morning: "The Power of Solar Arcs"
    Afternoon: "Anticipating Illness"

    June 2

    Noel Tyl

    Full Day Workshop
    9:30am to 5:00pm
    "Vocational Profiling: Tyl's Midheaven Extension Process"

    June 27

    Greg Bogart

    Simplified Daily Horary

    July 25

    Kathy Watts

    A Personal Alamanac

    August 29

    Doug Noblehorse

    Exploring the Lot of Fortune

    September 26

    Jessica Murray

    2013: Midway Through the Cardinal Cross

    October 31

    Armand Diaz

    Fate, Free Will, and Prediction

    November 21

    Joni Patry

    Astrology of Happiness: In-depth look at the 4th house

    December 28

     Komilla Sutton, Steve Pincus & Georgia Stathis

    ** Bring your chart!