Mar 27   7:30 pm

The Women’s Building                 3543 18th St. at Valencia

Don Cerow

The Bible – The Old Testament

Historically, Judaism did not have the philosophical problems with astrology which Christianity later developed. Throughout the ancient world, there is a tradition of working important information into a code which was read and understood by those who were ‘in’ on the mystery. Join us as we unwrap some of the enigmas of the Old Testament, clearly and easily demonstrating how the fabric and structure of astrology is to be found in the original ‘historical books’ of the Bible.

Don Cerow has been a professional astrologer since ’72. He has a classical academic degree, has focused on how astrology evolved from the mythology and astronomy of ancient peoples, and has been writing a weekly column since ’83. In ’03 he reconstructed an early model of Stonehenge in a story picked up by the New York Times. In ’05 he produced a multi-media show for Fiske Planetarium at the U of Colorado. This theme is now a book entitled ‘When the Dragon Wore the Crown’ and is available on Amazon. He’s produced shows for radio and television, taught at colleges, universities and planetariums across the country, and was a featured speaker at CPAK in 2012, the Conference for Precession and Ancient Knowledge.