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General Meeting Info

SFAS invites you to join us on the last Thursday of the month for a lively astrological presentation, discussion and excellent company.

Meetings start promptly at 7:30 p.m.
Meeting location: The Women's Building 3543 18th St., San Francisco, CA, 94110

(In November and December, to accomodate the holidays - and when there are special events at The Women's Building - meetings may be earlier in the month, but still always on Thursdays.)

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Read about the various types of astrology and how different techniques are used for a variety of situations and circumstances on the New to Astrology page.

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Mission Statement
SFAS Steering Committee Members

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"Only in San Francisco!" is the City's trademark tourist theme but it could apply equally well to its diverse and vibrant astrological community.

The goal of the San Francisco Astrology Society (SFAS) is to serve as an educational, professional and social networking resource to the Bay Area astrological community.

The San Francisco Astrology Society began 1992 as an informal gathering of like-minded astrology students that met in people's homes in diverse neighborhoods such as the Sunset & Mission District to discuss astrology. Today we meet at Fort Mason Center in the Marina District to accommodate the larger community. We have continued that spirit of warm conviviality to the monthly meetings that usually feature invited local and national astrological experts making dynamic and informative presentations!

We invite you to come to the next meeting and find out more!

See also Meeting Information and Membership Information.

Mission Statement

The San Francisco Astrological Society (SFAS) provides an affordable monthly forum for people interested in astrology to gather and explore this ancient language.

We welcome any person, from the mildly curious to the professional astrologer, who wants to delve deeper into the significance of the stars and planets to earthly life.

Our guest presenters are invited from the among the excellent Bay Area astrologers, both from within and beyond our Society. Our meetings providing an arena for the development and dissemination of ideas and techniques in the field of astrology. Thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating group discussions often develop from the lecture material.

Finally, the friendly atmosphere encourages and promotes both social and professional networking and connections among members of the community.

SFAS also maintains this website to publicize its meetings and otherwise further the social and intellectual aims of the Society.

The SFAS Steering Committee works to bring top level speakers to each meeting, to keep members informed of current happenings in the field of astrology through this website and ongoing member events, and to ensure that everybody feels welcome in this unique community.

SFAS Steering Committee Members
(Pictures of SC Members are in our photo section.)

Michael Engemann  - Membership


Erin d'Estre - Hospitality

Erin gaily serves tea in remembrance of Jack Fertig, especially nettle. A consulting astrologer, she's a student of the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, who draws on an innate 12th-house bewonderment, plus years spent contemplating the human condition in milieux including but not limited to: the beach, Spanish Catholic school, professional theater, radical feminist nests in France, the San Francisco Zen Center, and community choruses. She's an accomplished writer and editor, who knows how to make jam bars.

Rasha Hasan - Secretary

Her story started when she was a teenager sleeping in the roof of her parents' house in Baghdad. There she fell in love with the gorgeous full moon and was fascinated by the endless sky full of stars. Around the age of 20 she got to know Astrology through the famous astrologer Ibrahim Hazbon's radio program broadcasted in Arabic from Tel Aviv. Astrology is her passion along with singing, Belly dance and yoga.

Laurence Jones - Treasurer

Laurence Jones has been aware of Astrology since his grandmother wished he was born 3 weeks later so he could be a Cancer. He joins the San Francisco Astrological Society as an curious consumer of all things Astrological. Outside of Astrology you’ll find him loving old soul musicwaxing poetically about old cars, and advocating for arts education in Bay Area public schools. Or mouthing off on the internet in general and eating too much pie.

Alan Lin - Technical Director

Rumored to be a badly disguised malevolent entity from a parallel universe. Alan analyzes music for Pandora Internet Radio, plays jazz violin, and claims to have authored the largest body of practical research on the astrological Pallas Athena in existence. Conspiracy buffs theorize that his bland web site,, may actually be a conduit for invasion plans of Earth.

Nora Jean Stone - Publicity and Outreach Director

Nora Jean Stone has been studying Western astrology since the mid 1960s and has been reading charts for family and friends for over 40 years as an avid amateur. For her second Saturn return she decided to make astrology a primary focus of her life. Part of that effort was to hang out a virtual shingle as a professional astrologer. The other part of that effort was to become involved with the San Francisco Astrological Society as a volunteer for the Director of Publicity and Web Mistress, utilizing her background in public relations, computers, and social media marketing. Her other volunteer activity is teaching polymer clay art online for free since 1999, hosting a Yahoo Group of over 2,000 subscribers, and providing a gig of free tutorials on her website.

Linea Van Horn - Vice President  NCGR Level 4

Linea Van Horn, Astrologer at Large, is a Certified Astrologer through NCGR-PAA. She has studied astrology since 1984 and has been a professional, full time astrologer since 1998. She is the founder and President of the thriving San Francisco Astrological Society, and served on NCGR boards both locally and nationally. She was employed at from 1998 -- 2005 and as the Content Manager for The Astrologer, Inc. from 2005 -- 2009. Her articles have appeared online as well as in many professional journals including The Mountain Astrologer. She is a popular presenter; 2012 appearances include the United Astrology Conference in New Orleans in May, and at the 44th Annual Conference of the Astrological Association of Great Britain in September. Linea currently devotes herself full time to seeing clients and students, writing, networking, promoting astrology and blogging in the San Francisco Bay Area. She can be reached at or 650-315-2429. Visit her website at

Ian Waisler - President, Speaker Liaison

Ian Waisler first encountered the living sky as a youth, entranced by the moonlit night and its unique way of speaking to him. He's been engaged in astrological study his whole life, beginning with mythology and astronomy in elementary school, continuing through linguistic, ritual and spiritual study ever since. He studied with Risa D'Angeles in Santa Cruz, Jessica Murray in San Francisco, and Lynn Bell in the several places he's been lucky enough to find her, in addition to completing the foundation year of the Faculty of Astrological Studies. Highly Uranian, he's concedes the formality of established credentials are ill aligned with his dharma. In his dedicated study of Yoga, he continues to explore how astrological symbols live in the body, and how we can align ourselves with an illumined fullness. Find his teaching schedule at or community organizing efforts at

Philip Witkay Webmaster, Graphics 

Philip Witkay first discovered that astrology works (shocking!) at his 1st Saturn Return, when a Healer who had already done wonders for him demanded that he get his first reading. Totally skeptical, Philip only went because the astrologer was also a Jungian Psychiatrist. During that reading, the astrologer said, “At this moment, someone very close to you, probably a sibling, must have died”… nailing the exact moment that Philip’s dear older brother had died suddenly 3 years before (info Philip had told no one). Astrology grabbed his attention and earned his respect ever since, catalyzing much healing and growth, and a very different worldview.

Philip is NCGR Certified Level 2, and is working on completing Level 3.