First time on the West Coast! Don't miss one of Britain's most well-respected astrologers!

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Deborah Houlding

Fri. Sept 12 Lecture 7:30 – 9:30 PM

Fort Mason in San Francisco, Room C-210

Cost $20

$5 off with SFAS membership OR preregistration*

Healing With Horary Astrology

Horary is labeled a "predictive tool," but much value lies in its ability to explore the discarded realities of the past. By looking at the chart as the insignia of the problem, we open up the client's options rather than close them down towards one inevitable conclusion. This talk, based upon proven case histories, demonstrates horary as a powerful technique for allowing clients to overcome their fears and gain confidence in their choices for the future.


Saturday September 13 Full Day Workshop  10 AM – 4 PM

Fort Mason in San Francisco, Room C-220

Cost: $60

$5 off with SFAS membership OR preregistration*

Forensic Horary

In many horary charts, the key to the successful judgment lies in discovering something significant about an event that has already happened. This is especially the case with charts involving missing persons or pets, where we need to extract every vital clue from the chart that we possibly can. From missing objects, lost pets, through to identifying the perpetrator of a crime, this one-day workshop highlights the most important and reliable techniques used in judging ‘mystery’ charts. (Based on proven case histories and suitable for all levels of horary experience).




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