3rd Thursday

May  16  7:30 pm

Samuel F Reynolds

Is there anything essential and dignified about essential dignities in the 21st Century? 

Most astrology students have a cursory familiarity with the phrasing of rulership, exaltation, fall, and triplicity, but fewer know what these dignities mean and why.  Reynolds will examine the roots of “Essential Dignities” for the 7 traditional planets and how astrologers can use each one of five traditional dignities to reveal powerful information about clients, events, and questions.  He’ll also explain how the modern planets articulate a whole new dimension of understanding essential dignities.       

Samuel F Reynolds  once hated astrology more than other “occult” studies.  At 12 years old, when he was a fundamentalist Baptist minister, he used religion to avoid astrology’s lessons. Later, at 23 years old at his Jupiter Return, he realized he mostly disliked astrology because he didn’t know what it all meant.  He was born on the “cusp” of two signs and didn’t know which one he was. So, he went to an astrologer.  The astrologer’s uncanny insights into his life went beyond the pale of guesswork.  Convinced it was all a trick, the former academic spent 10 years doing charts and studying astrology himself. 

Now, over 25+ years later, and his deepest love and life centers around astrology. He consults, writes, and teaches astrology full-time.  He has written for Ebony magazine,  New York magazine, Tarot.com,  Sasstrology.com,  Pride magazine,  Moonology.com, and  The Mountain Astrologer.  He also serves on a few astrology organizational boards, like the (ISAR) International Society for Astrological Research’s board of directors, and he’s an entrepreneur who helps others build their businesses as mind-body-spirit practitioners. His life is a lesson on how you should watch what you hate.  It might be the love of your life.

Find more on  Samuel F Reynolds  at:  unlockastrology.com   •  Email him:  unlockastrology@gmail.com

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