Apr 26   7:30 pm

Mark Bettinson

Integrating the Phases of the Moon with the Signs of Astrology

Each of us are born under a very specific arc of relationship between the Sun and the Moon; the two great lights of astrology. The Phase of the Moon of our birth has never been revealed to share a metaphoric meaning with a particular sign of the zodiac. We do not describe the “New Moon” in terms of Aries or Mars or the First House to convey the meaning of emerging new “life” under its phase. I always wondered, why not? My own answer to that question occurred to me on December 21, 2006; on the Winter Solstice. Perhaps, I thought, the Dark of the New Moon shares an affinity with the Dark of the Seasons. 

Your Lunation Point is derived by adding the exact phase arc between your Sun and Moon of birth to 00 degrees of Capricorn. The Progressed Lunation Point is derived by adding the exact phase arc between the Progressed Sun and the Progressed Moon to 00 degrees of Capricorn. 

The Lunation Point grounds the nature of any Lunar Phase of birth into a particular degree of the zodiac in your birth chart. This sign, and its house, as well as any closely aspected planets, are heightened in karmic importance within your nature. The Lunation Point in your birth chart is exquisitely sensitive to transits, bringing the pure energies of transiting planets into your life, particularly conjunctions, oppositions and squares. The Lunation Point sits there as if it were a planet in its own right; a planet that represents the evolving nature of this relationship between your Sun (Self-Image) and your Moon (the Cosmic Self);  at your birth. And the Progressing Lunation Point reveals this evolving relationship between the small “I” in our life (Sun) and the big “I” in our life (Moon)  moving through our natal symbols in the course of the twenty-nine and a half year cycle. The Progressed Lunation Cycle, grounded into the zodiac as such reveals itself to be a reliable indicator of cosmic timing in our life.

Mark Bettinson  has been studying astrology for over thirty-five years, primarily for his own personal use and reflection. For the past twelve years he has been exploring an intuitive integration of the Phases of the Moon and the Signs of the Zodiac. He is introducing “The Lunation Point” to the community of astrologers in his upcoming book, 2018.  Mark has been self-employed most of his life; moving from a career in Physical Therapy to becoming a Certified Practitioner of the Rolfing Technique of Structural Integration, and presently owning a local residential real estate brokerage in Burlington, Massachusetts, while offering part-time consulting services to others who are astrologically inclined or intrigued.

Find  Mark Bettinson  at:  thelunationpoint.com 


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