April 27  7:30 pm

Tony Howard

Out of Bound Planets: Mercury, Venus and Mars

Join us for a fun lecture exploring the little-used topic of declination. Learn how the out of bounds signature can dramatically alter your understanding of Mercury, Venus and Mars. Each of these planets can be “out of bounds,” which means they have a declination that is beyond that set by the Sun. Out of bounds planets operate beyond the Sun’s jurisdiction, thus coloring their behavior.

Unlike many declination lectures, this one won’t get bogged down in technical details, but will instead focus on practical application in chart work. Tony will share many eye-opening chart examples that will leave you with a feel for the out of bounds signature and how to start applying it in your chart analysis. 

Tony Howard  is the creator of AstrologyUniversity.com and FindAnAstrologer.com, and publishes an astrology blog at Astroraven.com. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Colorado, and following a career in magazine publishing, joined Steven Forrest’s publishing company Seven Paws Press. His work has been featured in The Mountain Astrologer and in the Flare anthology Astrology: The New Generation. Tony’s approach to astrology is archetypal and psychological, and he has a special love of aspects and incorporating declination techniques in his chart research.

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