Feb 23   7:30 pm

Arielle Guttman

Tracking Life Events with the Venus Star

The Venus Star transits to one’s chart can reveal some of the most important milestones and achievements for an individual. Find out how to apply this technique to your chart work. Lecture includes a Power Point slide show with many examples.


Arielle Guttman  began her astrological training in 1974, opening her consulting practice in 1980. From 1986-2015 she was based in Santa Fe, NM. Having published five books in the field, for which she is internationally known, she has done extensive travel, presenting at conferences, groups and leading tours to sacred sites in Greece. Her books include:  Mythic Astrology: Archetypes in the Horoscope,  Discovering the Star of Venus, and  The Venus Star Point.  Presently she is certifying astrologers as a Venus Star Point® consultant and teacher. Arielle currently resides in Oakland, California.

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