Jan  28  7:30 pm

Jessica Murray

Sand Through the Hourglass

In this lecture Jessica covers the major themes of the waning Saturn-Neptune square (2015- 2017) as it overlaps with other major transits.  The pairing of Saturn and Neptune is notorious for undermining our sense of solidity, but it also allows us to gradually detach from false and fleeting values. 

In the world-at-large, the Saturn-Neptune cycle describes the rise of Big New Ideas, epochal conflicts and culture wars. Jessica will discuss the transit’s connection to such pressing global issues as mass migration, digitalization and environmentalism. She will also consider the transit’s effects on the USA’s Sibly chart. With Saturn now on its Ascendant, the USA is just starting to build a new self-image, in the shadow of 9/11: Saturn is now at the exact place where Pluto was when the World Trade Center went down.

Jessica Murray  has been practicing astrology in San Francisco for forty years. After graduating from Brown University in psychology, fine arts and linguistics, Jessica toured with a women’s theatre before moving west in 1975, where a study of Carl Jung led her to astrology. Her website,  MotherSky.com, offers topical blogs, a monthly Skywatch, lectures and webinars. She is the author of Soul-Sick Nation and At the Crossroadsand a contributor to the anthology Transpersonal Astrology. Her articles appear in the online magazines Reality Sandwich and  DaykeeperJournal.com  and are frequently featured in The Mountain Astrologer.

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