Oct 29   7:30 pm

Linea Van Horn

Blinded by the Light: Planets Conjunct the Sun

Of the hundreds of planetary aspects we use every day, there is one that renders a planet invisible: a conjunction with the Sun. Despite the frequency with which this occurs, there is disagreement about how to interpret it.  In this exploration of “combustion,”  as it was traditionally called;  both classical and modern views will be explained, as well as the psychological expression and astrological resolution for this common chart condition.

Linea Van Horn  is the Founder and past President (1992 – 2013) of the San Francisco Astrological Society and has served on other astrology non-profit boards. A professional, full-time astrologer since 1998 and published writer, she worked in the astrology internet industry until 2009. She now devotes herself to clients, teaching, mentoring, writing, lecturing and networking in the San Francisco Bay Area. Linea was on the Faculty of UAC 2012.

Find Linea Van Horn  at:    astrologeratlarge.com



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