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Erica Jones

Deepening Our Relations: Moon/Pluto and the Scorpio Moon

A review of the literature on Moon/Pluto and Scorpio Moon reveals the difficulty which mainstream culture has with the emotional dimensions of existence. While this combination can certainly correlate with tragedy, especially in childhood, it also symbolizes a depth of psychological understanding. We will re-vision the Plutonic/Scorpionic Moon in order to understand how difficult emotions can be dishonored and discarded, to our own detriment, and how difficult emotions can become a source of wisdom and guidance, to everyone’s benefit. Learn practical techniques for metabolizing challenging emotions, compassionately cultivating emotional intelligence, and envision the Moon and Pluto in a different light.

Erica Jones,  M.A., Integral Ecology, has been a participant-observer in astrology since 2006, studying principally with Richard Tarnas at CIIS. Her astrological practice is informed by ecological awareness, incorporating nature-based practices for self-exploration and reconnection to the greater-than-human world. Erica also brings studies of mythology, depth psychology, dream work and systemic (family) constellations to bear on her astrological perspective. She celebrates the 2014 publication of the first Queer Astrology Conference Journal, which includes her presentation of  “Ecosexuality: Liberating the Venus Within Pluto.”  Prevailing obsessions include the nature of causality and the revalorization of the planetary archetype Neptune.

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