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Frank Clifford

Your Chart: The Essence of a Planetary Placement

(aka: Having Fun with Astrological Correspondences)

When clients, friends and public figures ‘speak their charts’,  we astrologers collect gems that inform our practice and help us expand and fine-tune our astrological vocabulary.  In this talk, Frank will present a series of birth charts, entertaining real-life observations and quotations that get to the very heart of astrological concepts.  Along the way, you’ll learn some concepts that will make you think differently about the signs and planets in your own horoscope.

Frank Clifford  has built an eclectic career over the past twenty-five years, as a consultant, publisher, columnist, media astrologer, lecturer, and a writer of a dozen books, including Horoscope Snapshots, and his textbook Getting to the Heart of Your Chart.  Frank lives in England, where he runs The London School of Astrology, and teaches astrology and palmistry in person and online.  He writes for The Mountain Astrologer and guest-edited five recent issues.  In 2012, Frank became the thirteenth (and youngest) recipient of The Charles Harvey Award, a lifetime achievement award for ‘exceptional service to astrology’.

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