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December 28th


Austin Coppock, Jessica Murray, Rio Olesky


Looking Ahead: 2015 Panel

Austin-CoppockAustin R. Coppock is an astrological consultant and the current president of the AYA (Association for Young Astrologers). Austin has written extensively on astrology, including hundreds of columns, dozens of articles, and Astrological Almanacs for 2011-2014. He has been featured in the Mountain Astrologer as well as the CLAVIS Journal. Furthermore, his work on the decans, The Thirty Six Faces, will be published by Three Hands Press in early 2014. Austin's approach to astrology is rooted in tradition, yet open to contemporary developments. His work encompasses the critical and often ignored overlap between astrology and magical traditions, such as Hermeticism. Learn more at



Jessica-MurrayJessica Murray has been writing cultural commentary and practicing astrology for thirty-five years. After graduating from Brown University in psychology, fine arts and linguistics, Jessica toured with a political theatre troupe before moving to San Francisco in 1975, where a study of Jung led her to astrology. Jessica's website,, offers topical blog, a monthly Skywatch and a lecture series that addresses the astrology of today. Her latest book, At the Crossroads: An Astrologer's Look at Turbulent Times, is about the world-altering transits of our era. Jessica is featured in the anthology Transpersonal Astrology: Explorations at the Frontier, which came out in May 2013. She is also a contributor to Reality Sandwich, and the Mountain Astrologer Magazine.



Rio OleskyRio Olesky: has a BA degree from UC Berkeley and an MA from SF State. He has studied astrology since 1967, been a professional astrologer, taught beginning astrology at Santa Rosa Junior College, and taught a weekly drop in class in astrology for intermediate and advanced students since 1976. He has written two books: "Astrology and Consciousness" and "A Manual for the Modern Mystic", and co-created a teaching tool called The AstroReader. He is a practitioner of Kriya yoga, is married, has 5 children, and 7 grandchildren. He also plays the didgeridoo.








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